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Professional Level CUSTOM-FIT 
Mouthguards For Everyone 


At Armory Mouthguards, we are a premier manufacturer of mouth guards and our Hong Kong based headquarters specialises in providing custom fitted mouthguards for a wide range of sports.

Our mouthguards range from different protection levels and they can be used for a wide range of sports. To name a few: 

Rugby  |  Hockey  |  Ice Hockey   |  LaCrosse
MMA  |  Muay Thai  |  Boxing  |  Wrestling

Achieve your safety goals

Armory Mouthguards uses the highest quality of dental materials delivered directly from Germany to make your mouthguards. Each piece of material has been extensively researched and tested to ensure the highest standards in dental protection. Each mouthguard is fitted under the supervision of a registered dentist.

Remember the price of a chipped tooth is more than the cost of one of our mouthguards!

So you want the safest and advanced mouth protection? We have the tools and the experts to make it a reality. You can now embrace contact sports with your teeth well protected. Come check us out!

Get to know us

If you are wondering which mouthguard is the right one for you, come find us for a consultation. With our state-of-the-art facilities and highly-trained and experienced dental staff, we guarantee you will be satisfied with your mouthguard or you will get your money back. 


You’ve made the decision to improve your safety in your sport and We warmly welcome you to our website and dental professionals. Our dental staff would love to discuss your requirements and how we and our products can help you met your goals.​

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